Clienta insatisfecha provoca tremenda pelea en salón de belleza

Una empleada del lugar y una clienta se enfrentaron a golpes por un trabajo de cejas mal hecho.

Ir al salón de belleza es más peligroso de lo que creemos, pues nunca sabemos cuándo alguna clienta insatisfecha podría alterarse y reclamar violentamente.

Este fue el caso en el salón de uñas New Red Apple Nails en Brooklyn, Estados Unidos, cuando una empleada del lugar y una clienta se enfrentaron a golpes por un trabajo de cejas mal hecho, el cual se negaron a pagar.


Así fue la pelea en el salón de belleza

Como era de esperarse, otro cliente aprovechó la ocasión para grabar el enfrentamiento, en el cual podemos ver que las mujeres no solo usaron sus puños, también se valieron de palos de escoba para defenderse una de la otra.

Otras personas presentes en el salón se sumaron a la pelea contra la clienta, mientras esta hace lo posible por llegar a la puerta para huir de los escobazos, hasta que por fin lo logra; pero el caos no terminó aquí, pues la trabajadora vuelve a entrar para continuar con el ataque hacia otra mujer.


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING…Here is the surveillance video the nail salon released to the media, and it confirms EVERYTHING we knew about that incident. These ladies were backed into a corner and surrounded by a mob of people with broomsticks in their hands, cocked and ready to attack them. As the worker in the blue shirt gets in Christina's face and pushes her, Christina's grandmother pushes the worker off of her granddaughter, which sparks an immediate response of a broomstick to her face, after which, Christina is forced to defend her grandmother (as any person would). As the Grandma Thelma & granddaughter are being beaten with sticks, Christina breaks off to the side in a struggle with the worker in the blue AND Mike, the storeowner, while Grandma tries to break it up. At the same time, we see Christina's friend (who was pretty much just standing there passively, trying to break things up) get whacked over the head with a broomstick, and then pummeled by FIVE women, who struck her with sticks, chairs, and fists, with at least one person (in the purple apron) dousing acetone in her eyes REPEATEDLY-so much that she was completely blinded as she fumbled to find her way out of the store. Also, even though she barely even put up a fight and as she tried to leave, she was repeatedly struck in the face, back, and head with a broomstick. Immediately after the friend makes it out the door, Mike's wife, who has already been caught on video beating Christina and her friend with a broomstick, walks over the Christina's grandmother and strikes her with the broomstick, and continues to do so as Christina has her arms completely pinned down by Mike, who holds her in place, unable to defend herself or her grandmother as the assault continues. This is where she can be heard repeatedly screaming, "That's my grandmother!" in the now viral video. In addition to being forced to watch her grandmother get assaulted while being completely unable to do anything about it, she is also forced to bare witness to another member of the mob throwing a highly toxic substance into her grandmothers eyes, when her only crime was trying to keep this group of people off of her granddaughter….and after ALL of this….CHRISTINA gets walked out of the salon in cuffs, and is charged with assault and harassment…..and after reviewing this SAME footage that you are now seeing, at the scene….only ONE of the SEVEN people seen in this video attacking those women has been arrested. Now, I don't know the intention of the media in releasing the footage. Maybe they thought it would somehow indict these black women, when in fact, it serves as affirmation of their innocence. This is one of the clearest showcases of self defense that I have seen. All I know is that, moving forward, we must collectively demand that the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office IMMEDIATELY drop all charges against Christina Thomas, who was clearly one of 3 victims of a very serious crime that has left her and her grandmother traumatized and scarred, with their lives turned completely upside down. They did not deserve this in any way… #NewRedAppleNails #ShutthemDown #RespectOurWomen #ProtectOurWomen Mayor Bill de Blasio Diana C. Richardson Craig Visions Jeanne Sampson Jasmine Johnson Boyce Watkins Francis Maxwell

Posted by Tony Lindsay on Monday, August 6, 2018

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